Fun for all ages at the Robert Livermore Community Center

Many venues embrace children at weddings and special functions. The Robert Livermore Community Center in Livermore even developed a program to not only supervise and feed your children, but also entertain them while the adults are socializing and dancing next door!

Clown at Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton

The Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton has an adjacent room to the main banquet section, where hired sitters have plenty of space to play with your children. What I find attractive is also that French doors lead out onto the beautiful patio.

Our newest member Little Hills Ranch in San Ramon has plenty of activities for children and teens- from bounce house, over ping-pong to volleyball.

If you are interested in finding a Tri-Valley venue for any of your functions where children need to be watched and entertained, contact the Convention & Visitors Bureau. We have a free referral service that will help you source kid-friendly venues in Tri-Valley (Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville).


Yves Mozlesio from YJM Photography – a member of the Tri-Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau’s many wedding service providers is willing to share with you the advice he usually gives to couples that contact him:

Wedding at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton

1. Ask the photographer to show a complete set of wedding images taken from one event – preferably the venue that they are getting married at. Typically this is 400-600 images.
The reason for this is to show the couple an entire event that was captured professionally and consistently well. It’s important that the couple not get caught up by the sales approach. They should first like the quality and style of the photography when meeting with a studio.
If they are expecting to receive 500 images, they should not be disappointed that only 50-100 images were acceptable to them. Since most all studios are digital, it should be no problem asking to see complete weddings.
It’s also worth asking when the proofs are be ready after the wedding. Typically it would be 3-6 weeks.

Flower Girl by YJM Photography

2. Know the individual who is photographing their wedding. Just because a couple views a wedding album at a studio, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are to expect that person to show up at the wedding. I would recommend that the photographer who the couple chooses name be on the contract and that they see their work. Some studios have more than one photographer.
The photographer should have liability insurance. There are some venues that require this from their vendors. If an individual who attended the couple’s wedding was to get injured by tripping on equipment, the couple and venue should not be held responsible. Also, it’s not unreasonable to ask how the photographer will be dressing the day of the wedding.

Tying the knot in the vineyards

3. Meet with 3-6 photographers, and don’t be pressured to sign a contract.  At the same time, don’t wait until that last minute to hire one. I recommend hiring a photographer 6 months to a year before their wedding. Also, it is perfectly acceptable for couples to contact the studio with any additional questions after their initial meeting.
On the day of the wedding, the photographer is probably going to be spending more time with the couple than any other hired person.

Romantic kiss at Wente Vineyards Livermore

4. The wedding day is one of the most important moments in ones life. Couples should feel comfortable and willing to to discuss anything that’s on their mind with the photographer or any other person they hire.
Even though e-mailing is the common form of communicating for so many these days, when important details need to be discussed I recommend speaking over the phone. This is especially important when it comes to discussing the time line and events of the wedding day. I prefer meeting in person at the studio two weeks before the wedding.
Once a time line has been made, I recommend asking the photographer to send an email which outlined their meeting. At this point, emailing the itinerary is important so that there is no misunderstanding of times and events.
Technically, if a photographer captures images digitally which most all do, make sure to ask if the images are in the raw format and not just jpg. Raw format is a much better way of working during the editing process. Once raw images are edited, at that point they can be converted to jpgs. For more information, couples should research the web.

Bride by YJM Photography

5. Lastly, referrals are always a good way of finding a photographer. If this is not possible, the Internet is a good way of seeing if the photographer is respected by the industry. Just because an individual owns a $5000 digital camera, doesn’t necessarily mean that they know how to use it.


If you are looking for proposals from Tri-Valley photographers, video graphers, DJ’s, Wedding Planners or other wedding service providers, please fill out this form and you’ll find them in your Inbox. Our complimentary referral service also includes venue and hotel room search!

Ok, I hear so often these objections “I can do it myself”, “My cousin helps me”, “uh, oh that does not fit into our budget”, when I ask bride-to-be’s if they want to receive proposals from wedding planners, wedding consultants or wedding designers.

Several times a year I spend a whole day with these professionals showcasing them Tri-Valley wedding venues and here is what I learned:

1. Generally the first hour of consultation is complimentary.

2. A wedding planner helps you to stay within your budget.

3. A wedding planner can assist you with issues you might not be aware of in the midst of your “newly engaged” euphoria e.g. intra and inter family relations/tensions.

4. A wedding consultant is trained to know the in-and outs of contracts with service providers, wedding venues and hotels.

5. A wedding consultant stands by you, knows how and when to give advice, stays calm the day of and ensures that you and your guests have the greatest time of your lives!

I would call it an investment for success– and ideally you should only get one chance to experience this special day, YOUR wedding day!!!

March 2010 Wedding Planner Familiarization Tour through Tri-Valley, CA

After engagement season comes bridal fair season.

It can be overwhelming to go to a wedding fair;  however you can structure your visit very efficiently and get out of it at least your admission fee:

1. Wear comfortable shoes and bring only people you want to hang out with for several hours.

2. Have address labels ready to put on all the forms in all the booths that offer you a prize drawing.

3. In order to avoid overflow in your regular INBOX, please create a special email address that is given to vendors with the sole purpose of planning your wedding efficiently   e.g. RomeolovesJulietDec2012@yahoo.com.

http://www.brocadeweddings.com in one of many Tri-Valley venues

4. Think Green, only take material(s) that you really plan to review; use your time wisely to inquire about services you seek, listen to offers that are being made and keep a positive attitude- the vendors are there to help and assist you, really!

5. Have fun, use this day to get into the grove of being the center of attention for a very long time; enjoy the food and drink samples that are being offered, relax your feet during the fashion show and just CARPE DIEM!

Favors are so 1998! How about a warm cookie for your guests as the depart the party? Enter – the Cookie Drop, a new company based in Pleasanton. Embrace your individuality and design your very own batch of cookies just the way you like them! Simply select the dough and the mix’n(s) that you most crave and leave the rest to them

Doughs Include Classic Original, Creamy Peanut Butter, Old Fashioned Oatmeal, Snickerdoodle and Chocolate. You can pick from mix’ns including chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, M&M’s, raisins, coconut, macademia nuts and much more! Each dozen is tastefully packaged in a recyclable kraft box lined with compostable tissue and sealed with a compostable cotton ribbon, but you can also ask them to be individually wrapped.

Price is $27 per dozen includes 1 mix’n and $2 per dozen for each additional mix’n

Such a cute, and yummy idea! Your guests will love it.

The Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon

1. We have over 15 golf and country clubs to choose from!

Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center at San Ramon Golf Club

2. We have unique winery venues in the nations’s oldest wine country!

Deer Ridge Vineyards in Livermore

Elliston Vineyards

3. We have over 4,000 hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests!

The Rose Hotel, Pleasanton

4. We represent unique restaurants for your rehearsal dinners!

Wente Vineyards in Livermore

5. We have tons of event service providers that work hand in hand with our venues!

Bobby from Amos Productions in front of Casa Real, Pleasanton

Spa treatment for the Bridal Party

If you need assistance to get connected with one or several of our members, contact me, it’s free!

ENGAGED- now what?

First of all, congratulations on your recent engagement!

The immediate concern of “new” brides-to-be is primarily the wedding gown then the wedding venue.  Well, we can definitely put you at ease by helping you start an efficient search for the perfect ceremony/reception site, venue, hall or hotel.

One caterer called us Tri-Valley search engine; he had always been approached by clients to help them find a suitable venue for his fantastic food, and now he knew in which direction to point them.  The Tri-Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau will put you in touch with venues, hotels, transportation companies, DJ’s, photographers, videographers, wedding planners, florists, bakeries, beauty parlors, and many other wedding service providers.

Crow Canyon Country Club- one of many unique Tri-Valley wedding venues

You may fill out a Request for Proposal online or contact me, and we’ll get you the right answers and contacts for a successful site-tour-  THIS SERVICE IS FREE!!!

By the way, you may also visit us at booth # 606 at the upcoming wedding faire in Santa Clara, California (Jan 9+10, 2010).