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Ok, I hear so often these objections “I can do it myself”, “My cousin helps me”, “uh, oh that does not fit into our budget”, when I ask bride-to-be’s if they want to receive proposals from wedding planners, wedding consultants or wedding designers.

Several times a year I spend a whole day with these professionals showcasing them Tri-Valley wedding venues and here is what I learned:

1. Generally the first hour of consultation is complimentary.

2. A wedding planner helps you to stay within your budget.

3. A wedding planner can assist you with issues you might not be aware of in the midst of your “newly engaged” euphoria e.g. intra and inter family relations/tensions.

4. A wedding consultant is trained to know the in-and outs of contracts with service providers, wedding venues and hotels.

5. A wedding consultant stands by you, knows how and when to give advice, stays calm the day of and ensures that you and your guests have the greatest time of your lives!

I would call it an investment for success– and ideally you should only get one chance to experience this special day, YOUR wedding day!!!

March 2010 Wedding Planner Familiarization Tour through Tri-Valley, CA


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