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Flowers are a great way to add color and help convey the theme of your wedding. Beautiful blooms can also represent quite a chunk of your total budget. There are ways to help limit the money spent on flowers without sacrificing any of the beauty with a few strategic tips.

A striking bridal bouquet from Delford West Flowers

A striking bridal bouquet from Delford West Flowers

Incorporate flowers that are in season and available locally. This will cut down on additional fees from florists having to source blooms from other locations. The Petal Pusher, a Pleasanton-based European-style florist has a blog that lets customers know what’s in currently in the store.

Choose wisely when deciding how many arrangements to have and where they will be positioned. Get the most effective use of your flower purchase by placing flowers in focal areas that people will see throughout the ceremony. Centerpieces and bouquets are more essential, where flowers decorating the end of a pew may not be noticed.  Twigs & Ivy has great examples of flower arrangements that make a statement.

Schedule a consultation with your prospective florist. During this meeting you can discuss your budget, favorite flowers and colors. You’ll be able to look through the florist’s portfolio for inspiration and get your questions answered by the experts. Many florists, like the Flower House in Livermore have galleries from their previous events.

A unique arrangement utilizing fresh sliced lemons and limes offers a distinctive, affordable touch.

A unique arrangement utilizing fresh sliced lemons and limes offers a distinctive, affordable touch.

Florists are often knowledgeable about other wedding vendors in the area. Delford West Flowers not only provides custom flower arrangements for the big day, they also have a directory of other local vendors that specialize in everything from catering to attire to accommodations.

Your floral expense can also be reduced by choosing to have an  outdoor ceremony or reception at a venue with planted flowers when the plants are in bloom.

For a full list of florists and other wedding vendors in Tri-Valley, visit www.trivalleycvb.com or contact Wedding Sales Coordinator, Stacey Roth at Stacey@trivalleycvb.com.


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The bright sun, clear skies and little chance of rain make the summer months the popular for weddings. While brides don’t have to contend with the cold, excessive heat can also be a worry.

Murrietta's Well

Shade makes for a pleasant afternoon wedding at Murrieta's Well in Livermore.

The Tri-Valley can be very warm during the summer, with peak temperatures often flirting with the century mark. Fortunately, there are several things a bride can do to limit the heat’s affect on the big day.

Outdoor weddings are a favorite among many brides and grooms. Pick an outdoor venue that will have shade during the time of your ceremony.

Looking your best in the heat of summer can be a challenge. Consider weather when choosing your hairstyle. The Tri-Valley is typically hot and dry during the summer. Consider applying a leave-in conditioner the week before your big date to make your hair shiny and healthy and consider wearing your hair up.

Apply layers of light makeup instead of thick foundation to reduce shine.

Apply layers of light makeup for a radiant look.

For the perfect complexion in photos, apply light amounts of makeup in layers. Avoid heavy, thick foundation that will increase the appearance of shine.

Remember your guests will experience the heat, too. Recommend they wear lighter clothing and make sure to have plentiful beverages on hand throughout the event to stay hydrated.

There are many ways to get some relief from the heat without it putting a damper on the day. Many Tri-Valley venues allow weddings to be held in the morning or early evening to avoid the hottest part of the day. To find out more about some of the beautiful wedding venues in the Tri-Valley, check out the Tri-Valley CVB website.

With some advanced planning you will stay cool, look flawless and have a great time with your family and friends.

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